Brace Information

G2 Spirit

G&P Custom Orthotics contracts with Orthopedics Unlimited, Newton Lower falls, MA, to provide both Custom and "Off the Shelf" Sports and OA Braces servicing Eastern and Central Massachusetts.

G2 Knee Brace

G&P can meet with you at your home, workplace or physician's office. We take your mold and then schedule a follow up for a brace fitting once your brace is delivered by the supplier.

We specialize in the whole line of Generation II Braces. We also provide other braces from manufacturers such as Don Joy, Bledsoe, & CTI. Other selections may be available upon request.

All insurance information and claims are handled through the Orthopedics Unlimited office in Newton Lower falls. Either contact Orthopedics Unlimited or G&P for an appointment today!

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