G&P Custom Orthotics makes visits to area clinics to be able to meet with you, take your orthotic mold, and provide you with the finished product all in one visit. When clinic use is not available, G&P will make home visits to take your mold. They will then return your finished orthotics within 2-3 business days.

Billing Office:
22 Horseshoe Lane
Clinton, MA 01510
(781) 391-7045

Below are some of the area clinics that we visit regularly:

Brighton Clinic Saugus Clinic
697 Cambridge Street Partners in Rehabilitation
Suite 105
Rt 1
Brighton, MA Saugus, MA

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Gregory Goodwin
22 Horseshoe Lane, Clinton, MA 01510
Office: (781) 391-7045 Cell: (617) 962-1621
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